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About The Ark's Mill

Jack Noa founded The Ark’s Mill in 2014. He is a life-long entrepreneur who has enjoyed successful careers in a wide variety of sales & service industries.

He and his wife Trish adopted the “alpaca farm life-style” in 2012 and soon realized the need for a quality fiber processing mill in northeast Georgia.

The Ark's Mill brings Noa's Ark Alpaca Farm to a full circle family run business. The Ark's Mill is located on our Alpaca farm in Gainesville, GA, a short 60 miles NE of Atlanta.

Our Vision:

The Ark’s Mill is dedicated to producing the highest quality products with customer satisfaction our top priority. All customer fiber will receive strict quality control and attention to detail.

Whether we are processing Alpaca, Wool, Lama or other fibers that come through our mill, our dedication to quality processing and customer satisfaction is our goal.

Updated June 10, 2017